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Nature bounces us with abundant assortment of flowers! At any event or occasion, flowers abound. Creative flower designs and arrangements do wonders at any scene. Flower bouquets make a setting magnificent and beautiful. Follow these simple care tips to make your cut flowers last longer for a colorful and vibrant occasion.

Flowers are important in our daily lives. It gives us life to enjoy every occasion, events, and other celebrations. Flowers don’t last forever, the sad reality but the truth. On the bright side, we have guidelines and tips on how to take good care of your flowers.

Guide and Tips to care flowers:

Clean Your Vase
Cut the stems

To avoid the development of bacteria and viruses that can cause wilting and dehydration of your cut flowers, always clean your flower vase thoroughly with clean and fresh water. Remember not to not leave your vase dry without proper cleaning as the bacteria and viruses may multiply and ultimately kill your new bouquets. Always use a quarter of warm water when cleaning your vase to kill the fungus that may have imbedded in the flower vase or flower container.

When the flowers arrive at home, you need to cut first the stem in one to two inches and cut at an angle. By cutting the stems just before placing them in water again, you expose fresh tissue that can suck up the water much more efficiently. After the initial cut, be sure to re-trim once every few days to expose fresh tissue that absorbs more water.z

Change Water Regularly
Remove the dead parts

It is very necessary to change the water in the flower container regularly. Add a good amount of water from time to time to maintain their freshness and avoid dehydration and wilting of the flowers. This also helps avoid bad smell or foul odor caused by filthy water. Changing water regularly can help the stem of the flower absorb water quickly. Your flower won’t easily dry out and they will have long-lasting freshness because they always absorb new and clean water.

Remove the dead petals and wilting leaves and stems to prevent bacterial growth. Check flowers daily to avoid bacterial rot.
Clean and Healthy Water
Replenish water frequently

Adding a little amount of sugar into the water helps nourish the flowers and boosts the opening of the blooms. Aside from that, an addition of a little amount of vinegar or lemon that is stirred properly always helps delay the growth of bacteria and viruses. This will also hang onto your flowers’ freshness for a longer period. Changing enough fresh water regularly even if water has not been used up will help your flowers stay fresh as ever.

Flowers have life just like us. Flowers need a lot of water to make your flowers last longer. Keep the vase full of water to ensure your flowers will not be dehydrated. Make sure you change the water in your vase now and then. By changing water even if water hasn’t been used up, will help your flowers stay fresh.
Remove Lower Leaves
Keep away from sunlight
Cut flowers are opposite to potted plants. Sun and heat will encourage them to mature and thus quicken their demise. Avoid putting your flowers in areas near windows, and any electrical appliances. It may cause directly to dehydrate your flowers. Instead, keep your flowers in a cool area to make them to last as long as possible.

The lower leaves of flowers should be removed to preserve its state of being fresh. As much as possible there should not be any leaves that touch the water, the withered, dry or even healthy leaves at the lower portion of the flower’s stem must be taken off with the use of a sharp knife, cutter or a pair of scissors. Removing them helps the fresh stems absorb more water quicker and better.

Use Sharp Knife To Cut
Wash the Vase regularly

Do not use dull objects to cut the stem of the flowers as these can damage the tissue of the stem and can eventually hinder its water absorption process. Also another important thing to remember is cut the stem of the flowers an inch or two in an angle while these are under water for faster water absorption. Most importantly, use a sharp knife, cutter, or a pair of scissors at all times when cutting the stem or leaves of flowers.

Bacteria build up in dirty vases and do not go away just because the vase dries out. As soon as you add water again, the vase will once again be full of bacteria and your new bouquet will be subjected to the same bacteria that killed the last bouquet. Let your flowers stay in a fresh and clean environment.
Keep In Good Temperature

To preserve the freshness of your flowers, they must be kept in a good room temperature, not too hot for the flowers to endure within a certain period of time. Do not put your cut flowers under direct sunlight to avoid the flowers from drying quickly and wilting easily. Always see to it that your flowers are displayed in a cool, draft-free place.

Keep Away From Toxic Environment

Flowers are also very sensitive to pollutants like cigarette smoke and poisonous materials, so always keep your flowers away from some radiations and toxics. Moreover, a filthy environment destroys the flowers so you need to let them have fresh and clean air in its storage area.

Care Tips

CAre tips
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