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York Florist Flowers by Occasion
Visit us and choose from our various bouquet collections that are always in time for any of your occasions. We have a variety of flowers such as roses that symbolise love and romance, gerbera for lifting oneu2019s gloomy day, carnations that are apt in commemorating events, and sunflowers that bring joy in our day-to-day life. Truly, flowers make our day into a bouncy and colourful one.

Get 10% off your first order when you join our Dutch Nurseries flower shop newsletter

Join our mailing list and we’ll be entering you for a gratuitous bouquet at our Dutch Nurseries Flower shop Monthly Competition. The first week of each month will be the reward draws.

Things our Customers Say
Andy Ransom

a year ago

always had a fantastic service, kind, caring, polite and helpful. beautiful flowers at great prices. would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Villa Farm

2 months ago

We have worked with Dutch Nurseries for a while now and they always provide an incredible service to our clients! We highly recommend them!

Larissa Allison

a year ago

Sorting out flowers for my wedding, brilliant service, great communication, friendly knowledgeable staff.

Matt Lynn

a year ago

Quality service at reasonable prices. Tailored quotes for events.

It is in York where Dutch Nurseries Bespoke Florist is strategically located. We offer flower designing and we have a flower delivery service that is efficient at all times. We are a team of florists who are passionate about ushering clients and commendable in giving the best services we have. We offer unique styling for all your floral needs.
Our flowers come from the best local sources. We want you to receive the best quality flowers. That is why the flowers are personally chosen before they are used in any creation. We want you to be amazed by our flowers. That is why we handle our blooms gently and with care to ensure they would not be old or dull the moment that you receive them.

There is also the Dutch Nurseries Florist that supplies fresh cut flowers, does flower arrangements, sells plants and gifts in Haxby, Wiggington, York, and nationwide through our distribution team. We deliver in these areas and throughout the United Kingdom with the help of our friendly delivery service team. You are sure to receive your flowers on the day with our same-day flower delivery service.

Our well-capacitated team offers you our finest service and distinctive catering styles for any of your floral needs. Besides, we have created a new consultation area for us to have space and time to discuss to our customers any specific needs and clarifications on their purchase requests. It may be for a perfect tribute to a special someone, ideas on how to create fabulous wedding flowers, converse on the kind of flower that would suit to someone, or any needs you have, we are here to back you up.
For special events such as weddings, we have a special collection just for you. Click here to browse Dutch Nurseries wedding flowers.

To view our flowers in real-time, you may visit our shop at 5 Wyre Court, The Village York, Haxby, York YO32 2ZB.

For inquiries, you may call us on 01904 768439 or email us at  flowers@dutchnurseries.co.uk
A Little History of York
York City, North Yorkshire, England is a unitary authority town. In 2017, its council area of surrounding villages has a population that soars to 208.200 while the urban area’s population was a bit lesser compared to it in the 2011 census. As years passed by, York then evolved rapidly as a county town of the ancient county of Yorkshire that is situated in the area joining together the Ouse and Foss rivers.
The city was founded by the Romans as Eboracum in 71 AD. It became the capital of the Roman province of Britannia Inferior, and later of the kingdoms of Deira, Northumbria and Jórvík. In the Middle Ages, York was a major wool trading centre and became the capital of the northern ecclesiastical province of the Church of England. In the 19th century, York became a major hub of the railway network and a confectionery manufacturing centre, a status it maintained well into the 20th century. During World War II, York was bombed as part of the Baedeker Blitz. Although less affected by bombing than other northern cities, several historic buildings were affected and restoration efforts continued into the 1960s.

This city is legendary for its great historical landmarks such as York Minster, and the city walls. It also has a varied range of fabulous cultural and sporting events that make the place a must-visit tourist attraction and destination in Britain. York has the largest expenditure ever in the ceremonial country of North Yorkshire because York has greatly developed a major trade hub for wool. It made York eventually become the capital of the Church of England’s northern ecclesiastical province.

On the other hand, it is quite nice to mention a little about how York City got its name. The term York is derived from the Brittonic name Eburākon, a combination of eburos, “yew-tree” and a suffix of appurtenance *-āko(n) that means “place of-“, so in the end York means “place of the yew trees”. Thus, it is natural to see yew trees around York City.

Truly, York is like nowhere else in northern England; its out-of-date paths and lanes are rich with history, attracting masses of tourists and visitors in search of a typically British experience and escapade. If you’re in search of cobbled streets, quaint tearooms, gothic buildings, and evidence of slightly murky history, this is the city just right for you.

The economy of York is dominated by services. The University of York and National Health Service are major employers. Tourism has also become an important element of the local economy. You would also be amazed by the array of flower booths that abound the streets of York City, and that makes it more famous. The city is a popular tourist attraction. It has garnered international visitors from America, Germany, France and China. York became United Kingdom’s first human rights city, which formalised the city’s aim to use human rights in decision making in 2017. In 2018, The Sunday Times named York to be its overall ‘Best Place to Live’ in Britain as it has the “perfect mix of heritage and hi-tech” and as a “mini-metropolis with cool cafes, destination restaurants, innovative companies – plus the fastest internet in Britain.”
We Promise
Flowers Creation
We promise that as a well-known luxury flower shop, Dutch Nurseries Bespoke Florist only offers you the best. At Dutch Nurseries Bespoke Florist, we promise to design flower bouquets artistically for our dear customers. We promise to have an efficient and committed team of florists that provide our customers with the best service we could offer. Rest assured that here in Dutch Nurseries Bespoke Florist, we promise that our customers will be satisfied with our elegantly designed mixed blooms or a solid variety of flowers and flower delivery service.
Flower Freshness Guarantee

Dutch Nurseries Bespoke Florist provides you with an impressive artwork and precise service in sending our flower bouquets. We promise to provide you the freshest flowers that are directly sourced from our supplier; surely you will be amazed by our flowers. We promise to handle our flowers gently and with so much care to make sure that the flowers will not be stale and dull the moment you will receive them.

Passion for Flowers

Flower Academy

Dutch Nurseries | York Flower Delivery
The color and beauty of a flower surely bring happiness to all. Flowers have a magical charm that will make you smile whenever you see them. Every flower has its significance and it’s great to know what this significance is. To know more about how these beautiful flowers bloom and how they are grown into; read our flower magazine and pamper yourself more on your passion for flowers.

Care Tips

HP care tips
Want to know more about our care tips in tending flowers? Care tips are requisites for fresh cut flowers as they have still life. Extra care and love from its owner are needed by flowers, too, that is why we are giving you our care tips. Apply our care tips to prolong the life span of flowers. By reading our care tips, you can grasp new ideas on the best ways to raise flowers.
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